It has long been a tradition to send flowers, be it for birthdays, funerals, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Newborns and other occasions. A beautiful flower arrangement delivered to your door will always brighten your day and boost morale. But what is the significance behind this? Over the years and cultures, there have been various meanings attributed to different flowers through literary, religious and folklore interpretations.

It’s fascinating to research not only what the different flowers represented, but also the way they were presented had significance. In some cultures, flowers were used as an unspoken language to declare feelings. A purple flower was handed over to signify love, while yellow was said to express romantic rejection. What hand you used, and how the flowers were tied, was also significant. Using your right hand to present the bouquet was a ‘yes’ while a left hand was ‘no’.

Vibrant Delphinium

Vibrant Delphiniums


The human psyche is hugely influenced by our senses. In particular, colours can largely determine our reaction and acceptance. Have you ever wondered why most food brands use red? Or tech companies steer towards blue? The psychology of colour plays a large part in human perception, and flowers are no exception. Your Florist will spend a lot of time getting the colour themes correct, to portray the create mood and theme of the flower arrangement intent. When we think of certain flower colours, we naturally conjure up a range of different emotions. Some of the most common emotions associated with flower colours are:

Red – love passion and desire

Yellow – Energy, warmth and happiness

White – purity, innocence

Orange – courage, confidence, friendship

Purple – royalty, wealth, luxury

Pink – feminine, compassion, motherly love

Green – health, environment, money, good fortune

Blue – peace, loyalty, trust

How do these colour meanings relate to our favourite flowers? We take a look at some popular flowers in Perth, and the symbolism and meaning behind these unique blooms:

King Protea Beautifully Arranged

King Protea Beautifully Arranged

King Protea

The King Protea flower is a large, striking flower, characterised by its pointed petals. It is native to both Australia and South Africa, but is so popular in the later, it is the national flower for South Africa, and also the name of their national Cricket Team. Proteus flowers come in many shapes and sizes, with the King Protea having the largest flower, a giant white and yellow centre, surrounded by pink spiky petals. Due to its large flower and uniqueness, the main meanings for the King protea are Daring, Courage and Transformation.

Florist’s Tip: Use as the centre piece for a wedding bouquet or flower arrangement.


The Iris Flower comes in a range of colours, but in Perth you will mainly find them in either blue or purple. It is a small flower, which opens out to reveal delicate petals that are predominately purple, with a yellow centre. For centuries they have come to represent royalty. It is thought the association began with the Greek Goddess Iris, who would transport messages between heaven and earth. The Ancient Greeks planted the purple Iris on the graves of their loved ones, who believe it would encourage the Goddess to lead them to heaven. Given this history, it’s no wonder the predominant meaning for the Iris flower is Royalty, Hope and Wisdom.

Florist’s Tip: Great as an accent in a bouquet, with the striking colour helping the arrangement pop.


The blue Hyacinth flower come in a cluster of small bell-shaped flowers, grouped together on a long stem. The flowers also come in variety of colours, with each colour having its own unique perfume. The flowers have come to represent sport, constancy and sincerity. These make a good gift when you want to express hope and respect.

Florist’s Tip: These look adorable arranged in a decorative vase or jar.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Delicate Queen Anne's Lace

Delicate Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace flowers are very tiny white flowers, which grow together in bunches, and actually resemble lace. Like most white flowers, these little beauties have come to represent purity and new beginnings. They are often used as part of wedding flower arrangements.

Florist’s Tip: Works well as part of a flower crown.


The Strelitzia is also known as ‘Bird of Paradise’ as the unusual orange flower resembles a bird in flight. This tropical flower has come to represent joy and paradise, along with freedom and optimism.

Florist’s Tip: Truly eye-catching, add to tropical bouquets, or anything needing an exotic element.

Stock Flowers

While not having a very exotic name, the White Stock Flower are a medium sized flower, with layered white petals, which sit independently on the end of a tall leafy stalk. The Stock Flower is often associated with Achievement, Contentment and Success. Send these to congratulate someone or wish them future success.

Florist’s Tip: They have a beautiful scent, which makes them great as a centre piece on tables or at functions, to add a beautiful perfume to the room.

Delightful Snapdragons

Delightful Snapdragons

Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon flowers come in a range of colours. They are a unique, small flower, which is thought to resemble a Dragon Face, that opens and closes its mouth when you squeeze it. The flower is said to represent Grace, Inner Strength and sometimes Deception and Deviousness, due to its ability to grow in rocky and obscure areas.

Florist’s Tip: the colourful, dense spikes of the plant make them great in multicoloured bouquets.


Delphiniums grow in long, dense spikes of flowers in colours ranging from blue, pink, white and purple. The Delphinium flower represents Reaching for Success or Striving to Achieve Your Goals. Great to give to someone aiming for a new career or life goal.

Florist’s Tip: The long stems, dainty flowers and petals make these great to arrange in a tall vase.


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