We know that Mother’s Day is not just about lovely gifts but we thought this would be a great time to showcase a few of our favourite Australian and Perth Local companies and the products they create. These companies are a treat to buy from not only because they make some awesome products but because they care about their customers and what they are making!  A few of them we have already purchased from ourselves and some are on our really really would like to in the near future wish list… If this list also inspires you to do something nice for your Mum or the Mother figure in your life this Mother’s day then that is pretty rad too! 

Mother's Day Gifts Perth Haseya Leather utility beltHaseya Leather – Bags and Accessories

Haseya Leather first came to our attention around a year ago. We saw their utility/tool belts, practical which is awesome, with stylish tassels, even better!! Being florists we fell in love. These belts are ideal for us when we are out on a job and constantly moving around as they give us somewhere safe (and easy to remember…) to put our cutters and knives and tape and scissors…you get the idea.  They are durable and age well and they appeal to the little bit of Boho that is in all of us. You definitely do not need to be a florist to enjoy the belts anyone who loves to garden or who is a roaming creative would love one.  Take a look at their website at their other beautiful accessories, we love their jewellery too.

The Silk Laundry – Clothing

Whilst searching for a cami to wear for my wedding I came across The Silk Laundry.  Now whilst I ended up wearing something else on the day the white, silk, round neck cami that I purchased from them has since become one of my favourite clothing items.  It is light and elegant and flowy! I like to wear mine with my high waisted jeans either loose or tucked in either way it makes me feel good. I look forward to saving up to get another one soon.

Bear and Finn Candles Mothers Day Gift 2019Bear and Finn – Candles

We discovered Bear and Finn Candles whilst looking for local Perth creatives to stock in our online Florist store. We can say from personal experience that they are some of the nicest people, and on top of this they make beautiful scented hand poured soy candles. All of us have purchased a number of candles to fill our homes.  One of my favourite scents is the Ambered Sandalwood but it is pretty hard to go past the Peony Rose as well (this one we created for ourselves along with the Bear & Finn ladies). They have a number of stockists around Perth including us!

Merry People – RainwearMother's Day Gifts Perth Merry People Gumboots

Merry People are a happy new find for me.  They popped up on our instagram page and I liked what I saw so decided to check their website out.  What do they sell?  Stylish Gumboots!  Living in Perth as we do, we don’t really have a great need for gumboots but they are tied up with my memories of happy childhood moments splashing about in a downpour with my two brothers, gumboots and raincoats on.  I recently purchased some and I love them, they are a joyful thing for me every time I put them on. They have a selection of colours to choose from and they are comfy to wear.

Salted Bliss Bath Salts Mothers Day Gift perth 2019Salted Bliss – Body and Bath

Nothing helps me relax more than a wonderful hot bath filled with delightfully scented salts and oils.  Salted Bliss is a Perth company that we have come to love.  We particularly love their beautiful bath salts in Sandalwood Rose and Lavender but they make a range of bath and body goodies to choose from. Salted Bliss use natural products and they are vegan friendly, so you can relax with the comfort of knowing that you are making a minimal impact on our earth.  Having a few beautifully packaged bath products on show in your bathroom is a cost effective way to style your home as well as remind you to take a few moments to relax and rejuvenate. You can find some of their products on our website but they also have a number of other stockists you can purchase from.

Living Clay Australia – Home Goods

I was very excited to discover this website!  I have always admired handmade pottery, particularly practical pieces that may be used everyday in your home.  For me there is an inviting and warm nature to handmade pieces.  I can imagine them being made with care by someone and this links me to the object in a way that factory made products can never do (in my humble opinion).  I have not yet purchased from them but they are on my wish list for sure.  Living Clay is a website that aims to make practical and functional, as well as beautiful, Australian made pottery available to a wider audience.  They are stocked by a number of artists and if you go to their website you can read about each of them and their work.  There are some truly beautiful pieces to purchase that would be well loved in any home.

As a small business ourselves we know how much work goes into creating and running a store.  Because of this we do our best to support local and Australian companies and we are so grateful for everyone who supports what we do.  We hope you enjoy browsing the sites and products of these companies and that if they suit your needs that you feel happy to support their endeavours through purchasing one of their wonderful items.  We know that they are not always the cheapest but we believe it is worth it for the quality and community that you receive.

A Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers and Mother Figures out there!  We hope that you feel much loved and greatly appreciated always but especially on this day set aside for you.