Flower Care

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We understand that fresh flowers can sometimes be a luxury.  We want you to be able to enjoy them for as long as is possible! With this in mind we would like to share a few tips and tricks to help you keep your cut flowers going as long as you can. 

The first thing to remember is that flowers are a natural product.  A part of their beauty comes from the fleeting nature of their life.  Each flower has its own timeframe.  Whilst florists always do their best to pick the freshest flowers, sometimes, through no fault of their own they just don’t last as long as we would hope.

Perth is for most of the year a beautifully warm city.  Exceptionally hot in summer time which can affect cut flowers. Our items always go out with a water source for delivery and are left in the shade if the recipient isn’t home.

That being said we would usually expect you to get at least 5-7 days of beauty, sometimes longer.  If your flowers do not look quite right on arrival please give us a call right away so that we may rectify the situation as best we can.

To help your blooms go their distance, here are some things to remember!

If possible re-cut your stems at an angle on arrival to ensure they can take up as much water as they need.  This is usually just possible with  hand-tied bouquets.  Arrangements are easier to leave as they are.

Keep your flowers away from direct heat or sunlight.

Change your water every couple of days to prevent any bacteria build up.  If you have received a vase arrangement or a box arrangement make sure to top up your water.  Australian Native Flowers are particularly thirsty drinkers.

Remove any flowers that wilt or die to keep the others as fresh as possible.

5 Place fresh flowers away from fresh fruit.

Remove any packaging from around flowers to allow them to breathe.  The wrapping is often just meant for presentation purposes.

Some flowers are “smellier” than others.  If you are placing them in a vase at home you may place a very small amount of bleach in the water to reduce the build up of any bacteria.  This may help prolong the life of your flowers.  In our experience not many of the other water additives do much to help.

We hope that these tips help your flowers last as long as is possible.  Fresh flowers are such a beautiful addition to any room and we hope that you get to enjoy them as much as we do.  We love creating beautiful floral displays for you and always do our best to select the freshest blooms.