Flowers can add a beautiful and natural touch to any home or office, or they can be a loving gift. Choosing the right flowers for each occasion can make a world of difference, and knowing what you’re looking for can be helpful when you’re shopping for flowers online in Perth. Once you have received your flower delivery, caring for them correctly can help them last longer.

Flower Selections

What is the official flower of Western Australia?

The official flower of Western Australia is the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos manglesii). This flower is native to Western Australia, and are one of the most distinctive flowers in the country.

What is the difference between an arrangement, a bouquet and a flower basket?

An arrangement is an aesthetically pleasing and artistic combination of flowers and other materials. The flowers and additional decorations may be arranged into a specific shape, such as a wreath, a letter, or a centrepiece, depending on the purpose of the arrangement.

A bouquet is usually a bunch of flowers that are held together decoratively. Bouquets are meant to be held, or used as decorations, and are often given as gifts on special occasions, or used in certain events, like weddings. Depending on your family’s culture, different flowers used in bouquets may have different meanings.

A flower basket is exactly what it sounds like: a basket, or another container that is filled with flowers. Usually a flower basket is given as a gift for a special occasion, and it may contain other gifts like food or small trinkets in addition to flowers.

Flower Care

What supplies do I need to care for flowers?

Caring for flowers is simple, as long as you check on them daily. You’ll need a few supplies:

  • A clean vase – fresh cut flowers need a container.
  • Warm water – warm water will keep your flowers hydrated and lasting longer.
  • Flower food – your florist should provide you with flower food.
  • Sharp flower cutters – you will need to trim stems and leaves to keep your flowers fresh.

How do I take care of cut flowers at home?

Start with clean, warm water and a clean vase. Cut flowers have already lost their first bacterial filter: their roots, so clean water and a clean vase are important. Remember to use warm water; the flowers will be more easily able to absorb warm water than cool. Your flowers should come with a small packet of flower food to replace the nourishment the flower used to receive through its roots – mix it with the warm water.

Before you place the flowers in the water, cut the ends of the stems at an angle with sharp cutters so that the flowers can absorb water better. Remove the leaves that will be below the waterline, but leaves that will be above the water line should stay.

Make sure to check the water level daily, and add more if necessary. Replace cloudy water with fresh warm water and flower food.

How do I take care of flower arrangements?

Flower arrangements may drip or lose petals or leaves over time, so make sure that you keep your arrangement in a safe place, and protect your furniture or floor. The green foam that holds your arrangement together should never dry out; make sure to keep it moist by checking it daily.

How do I take care of bouquets?

A bouquet is usually used for a special occasion, and can be cared for the same way that you care for cut flowers as soon as the occasion has ended. The longer the flowers are out of water, the more likely they are to wilt.

How do I take care of roses?

Roses are not difficult to care for, but they do need to be trimmed of excess leaves and thorns. Caring for roses is similar to other fresh flowers, but roses should be trimmed every two days. Hold fresh cut rose stems under running water for immediate water absorption prior to placing them back in a vase.

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