Soft Toys

We stock a large range of Soft toys, teddies, plush animals and bright toys suitable for babies and children. These toys make excellent additions to flowers or other gifts.

19 Products

  • Soft pink baby girl puppy

    Baby Girl Puppy Rattle in Pink

  • a cream coloured plush teddy bear with textured feet and face- A Touch of Class Florist.

    Betty the Cream Bear

  • a tan teddy bear head wearing a pink nightcap. attached to a pink stripey blanket.

    blankie pink

  • tan teddy bear wearing pink pajamas, a night cap and holding a blanket.

    cuddles pink

  • an extra large blue teddy bear

    extra large blue teddy

  • extra large pink teddy bear

    extra large pink teddy

  • a brightly coloured toy to attach to a pram or carseat for an infant. it shudders when pulled downwards.

    groovy moover

  • 3 bunny soft toys. one is pink, one is blue and one is neutral.

    joyce toys – baby bunny

  • a big cream teddy bear with knitted brown feet, face and ears. with a soft grey belly button

    joyce toys – bertha the big cream bear

  • a soft scruffy cream teddy bear with knitted brown feet, face and ears

    joyce toys – bertie the cream bear

  • a big grey teddy bear with knitted grey feet, ears and nose. with a soft grey belly button.

    joyce toys – boris the big grey bear

  • a soft bunny toy in neutral colours

    joyce toys – bruno the bunny

  • a textural lamb soft toy in grey and white with red cheeks

    joyce toys – cheeky lamb

  • a soft rabbit toy in neutral colour with pink feet, nose and ears

    joyce toys – hunny the bunny

  • soft scruffy puppy toy with knitted feet, face and ears

    joyce toys – ralph the scruffy puppy

  • 3 soft toy puppys. one is grey and tan, one is tan and brown and one is all tan.

    joyce toys – rascal the puppy