organic teas

Threeonesix sells tea that is high in quality and made without exploiting people or planet. There is a natural connection between tea production and regions around the world prevalent in poverty and exploitation. Threeonesix believe in knowing where their goods come from, and that they embody justice, equality and empowerment through the supply chain.
We are proud to bring these teas to you and will gift wrap either on their own or with other products to make a hamper.

10 Products

  • A boxed hamper with an assortment of Threeonesix tea, Ferero Rocher chocolate, shortbread and a Bear and Finn Candle

    A Calm Moment Hamper

  • Threeonesix English breakfast tea

    English Breakfast Loose leaf Tea 50g – threeonesix

  • Feeling Serene Hamper of bath pamer products and a tin of tea

    Feeling serene hamper

  • Threeonesix Green Oolong Tea

    Green Oolong Loose Leaf Tea 50g – threeonesix

  • Osmanthus Oolong Threeonesix Tea 50g

    Osmanthus Oolong Threeonesix Tea

  • Threeonesix Pure Peppermint Tea

    Pure Peppermint Loose leaf Tea 50g- threeonesix

  • A hamper of three tins of Threeonesix Tea presented in a seagrass basket

    Threeonesix Tea Trio Hamper

  • A hamper for parents who need a break! Includes a Bear and Finn candle in Black geo cut vanity jar, a Nature Bubz Teething toy in Dove Grey and a tin of Threeonesix Tea packaged in a seagrass basket.

    Time-out hamper in Dove Grey

  • A hamper for parents who could use a little break. Includes a Bear and Finn candle, a Nature Bubz teething toy and a tin of Threeonesix tea.

    time-out hamper in Pastel Rainbow

  • a hamper of gifts for new parents. includes a teething toy, a scented candle and a tin of tea. presented in a seagras basket.

    time-out hamper in sea foam