After our long and cold winter (I know we are wimps…it wasn’t that bad!) spring has finally hit our beautiful Perth shores.  This is the most wonderful time to plan a few outdoor picnics for you, your friends and family.

The wonderful thing about picnics is that you can go all out with decorations and styling or you can make it a last minute, simple event and with a little help from the sun, both will be full of joy!  In Perth we are blessed with so many stunning outdoor locations, you are sure to find one that suits your purpose and style.  We will go through a few of our favourites to help you discover your unique picnic style.

Romantic Blooms For Your Picnic - A Touch of Class FloristThe Romantic

Do you love heart tugging sagas and big blousy blooms?  Do grand gestures and weeping willows bring tears of heartfelt joy to your eyes?  Then perhaps your picnic style is that of the Romantic.  We would recommend a day along the Swan River for you.  If you head out towards Maylands there are many beautiful nooks along the river in which to set up a gorgeous blanket topped with bounteous throw pillows under the dappled light of one of the beautiful trees.  If you scout ahead of time you are sure to find a fairly secluded place to lounge away your day.  Fill your picnic basket with seasonal fruits and a selection of gourmet cheese and oven fresh crusty bread.  If you are feeling particularly decadent purchase some seasonal blooms in a mix of deep rich burgundy and soft creamy pinks to display in the centre of your Picnic.

The Vintage VibeHalf Flower Crown - A Touch of Class Florist

If you love a little bit of history and the stylings of yesteryear make you happy then perhaps your picnic style is one with Vintage Vibes.  Spend an afternoon in the op shops to collect some lovely mismatched cups and plates with which to serve your homemade scones with jam and cream. Fill a thermos with hot water for some tea or pack a bottle of sparkling pink champagne!  Pack it all up in a wicker picnic hamper and spend the day at Araluen Botanic Park.   With its beautiful lawns and gently cultivated beauty the park is an ideal place to plan your Vintage Picnic.  If you  get there early there are some lovely spots to set up a little more secluded from everyone else.   Think flowing skirts, big floppy hats and bow ties. Pick some flowers from your garden to put in your hair or order one of our flower crowns for a fun day out with your friends.

Teddy Teatime Picnic - A Touch of Class FloristTeddy Teatime

If you have a troupe of little ones to entertain and delight.  Then a play date at The Ivey Watson Playground in Kings Park may be just the picnic style for you.  Teddy bears are optional! With the Sitckybeaks Café very near by this is an easy option for busy mothers and fathers who need a little treat and a tea break.  If you prefer to pack your own snacks then the play area is ideal for children under 6 years but there is an area not too far away suitable for older children. If you are feeling like a little indulgent moment then order one of our Picnic Basket Hampers filled with snacks to munch on while the children run about.

The AdventurerThe Adventurer Picnic Style - A Touch of Class Florist

Do you love getting out and amongst the natural environment?  Does a little bit of dirt not deter you from a grand view?  Then perhaps an outing that involves some hiking is your picnic style.  There are numerous locations in the surrounding Perth area to get your heart rate moving.  One of the most beautiful at this time of year is the Bell’s Rapids walking trail and picnic areas. Or John Forrest National Park never disappoints, with it’s numerous trails and picnic locations. Hiking requires a little bit of thought and equipment to ensure your safety and these locations can get busy so it is best to plan the day ahead but it is well worth the effort.

What the Adventurer Picnic needs:

  • A good backpack
  • water for each person
  • sturdy walking/hiking shoes
  • basic first aid
  • sun protection
  • snacks and treats!

The best flowers for this picnic are all the wildflowers you can discover along the way!  As someone who loves nature we know you will not pick them but leave them as they are for everyone to enjoy!

Whatever your favourite picnic style, make sure you get outdoors and enjoy the absolutely wonderful parklands that Perth has to offer.  We are one of the luckiest cities with the extensive availability of green spaces.  Make sure you always leave an area better than you found it so that others may enjoy their day as much as you! 

We are always more than happy to help you with your picnic dream stylings big or small! Please give us a call we’d love to chat to you: 9256 2415