It’s often hard to find the perfect Christmas present for a new partner. In the beginning phases of a relationship, you don’t know each other inside out and back to front yet! So, we thought we’d write an article to help steer you in the right direction…

1.  Floral Living Arrangement

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving a fresh plant. Here at A Touch of Class, we’re proud of our beautiful living arrangements. Perhaps a succulent pot would be a fun choice? Or, one of our hanging terrariums would make for an equally, unique gift. Maybe your partner would prefer a splash of colour? If so, an orchid might be a better choice.

Whatever your preference, we’re confident that our living arrangements will put a smile on your girlfriend’s face!

2. Boutique Candles

Boutique candles are a perfect gift choice for a new partner. We love our range of Bear & Finn soy candles, and we’re sure she will too!

Each candle has been individually hand-poured into gorgeous pots and releases a beautiful aroma when lit. We offer 13 intoxicating scents.

3. A Romantic Wine Tour or an Experience Voucher

The best way to bond with a new girlfriend is to go out and start making memories together. What could be more romantic than a wine tour? Or, if you have a shared interest, you could find an experience voucher that caters for that. They say time is the most precious gift, so this option is definitely worth considering!

There are plenty of wine tours in and around Perth to consider:

4. A Spa Voucher

There’s no better way to shake off Christmas stress than by heading for a couple’s spa day or gifting her a pamper session just for her.

There are not many females who don’t love a facial, massage or getting their nails done. You could even organise to drop her off and pick her up afterwards. While you’re at it, why not stop in for a sparkling wine at a local bar or a green juice.

There are numerous day spas in Perth to consider such as:

5. A Surprise Dinner Date

A surprise dinner is a lovely thing to give this Christmas. You could take your girlfriend to her favourite restaurant. Or, if you’re feeling up to it, you could try cooking her favourite food at home and if you want to go the extra mile, you could decorate the table, so it’s festive themed.

Plus, you could send her a fancy invite attached to a single red rose. This would really ramp up the anticipation!

If you’re stuck for restaurant ideas why not check out some of Perth’s top food bloggers to see which Perth restaurants everyone is raving about. Check out:

With all that being said, you should probably steer clear of the following;

  • Anything practical like a toaster or a vacuum. However, if she has specifically hinted for you to get her something like that, it may be worth considering!
  • Be sure not to overspend because this can get awkward. You should perhaps consider having a chat about a potential budget for you both to spend. Cutting out the guesswork makes things so much easier!
  • If you’ve decided to buy experience vouchers or event tickets- make sure they’re not too far in advance. If it’s a very fresh relationship, this could come across a bit presumptuous.
  • If you’re considering jewellery, proceed with caution. You should avoid any ring or jewellery that’s packaged in a ring-size box. Why shouldn’t have to tell you why for this one!

We hope this post has given you a few ideas for spoiling your girlfriend this Christmas! For further inspiration, please check out our full range of gifts in our online store >>