We’re heading into the heart of summer, and that means that you’ll have a wide selection of seasonal flowers available to you. Whether you are purchasing a floral arrangement as a gift for someone else or to decorate your own home, here’s a look at some of the most beautiful flowers that are flourishing at this time of year.


Peonies are among the most popular flowers in the world, both for gardens and floral arrangements. They tend to be a bit pricier than many other flowers on the market, but they are well worth it in terms of beauty. Peonies are available in a wide range of colours, from reds and pinks to yellows and even white. These flowers can often give off a beautiful fragrance.

They are also extremely popular flowers for weddings and special events.


Dahlias are quite popular here in Perth, and they tend to be more affordable than peonies. These stunning flowers are known for their dense petal structure, giving them an appearance that is lush and beautiful. Dahlias are available in just about every shade you can think of, with the exception of blue tones. They do not give off a scent, making them suitable for those who are sensitive to floral smells or for hospital flower deliveries.


Hydrangea, also called hortensia, is a flowering plant native to Asia and the Americas. These flowers grow from early spring to late autumn, and they typically have white flowers. However, some species of hydrangea can display blue, red, pink or purple flowers. With these variations, the specific colour displayed depends on the pH of the soil, with acidic soil producing blue or purple flowers and alkaline soil producing pink or red blooms.


Lisianthus, also known as eustoma or prairie gentian, grows best in warm climates that are near to the tropics but don’t have too much humidity. These beautiful flowers feature large, delicate petals loosely ringed around the centre of the flower. They are popular for floral arrangements because they can last for up to three weeks in a vase.

Why Choose Seasonal Flowers?

Seasonal flowers are great because they give you the best chance of getting flowers at there most beautiful. Of course, out-of-season flowers can still be grown under managed conditions in a greenhouse, but they pale in comparison to those grown naturally. What’s more, greenhouse growing requires the use of more energy, water and other resources, putting a strain on our environment. In trying to bring natural beauty into your or a friend’s home, you don’t want to harm our natural environment in order to do so.

In addition to the strain on our environment, buying out-of-season flowers can also put a strain on your wallet. Forcing plants to grow outside of their natural tendencies costs more money in terms of facilities, maintenance and resources, and those added costs get passed on to you as the consumer. Purchasing flowers in season will help you to save money while still getting beautiful flowers.

Seasonal Flowers Now in Stock at A Touch of Class Florist

Here at A Touch of Class Florist, we have these and other local, seasonal flowers available for purchase online. Aside from floral arrangements, we also offer floral hair accessories, live plants and a variety of gifts which we deliver all over Perth. We welcome you to visit us to learn more about all of the flowers we have to offer. Stop by and see us today, or look through our selection online. We are always happy to help if you have any questions or need assistance with creating the perfect arrangement to give to a loved one.