Sometimes it feels as though life is all go go go and there is no time to just stop and be still.  The feeling of permanent exhaustion is a state that many people live and work with on a daily basis.  Whilst we recommend regular check ups with your doctor to make sure all is well and healthy with your body there are a few things that you can perhaps try at home to help all be well and healthy with your soul.

If you are anything like me, you will require regular time out to process all the energy and activity thrown your way every day.  I love to be amongst the action but it requires almost an equal amount of down time to recharge and build the desire and resilience to go once more into the fray.  I hope that you have your own favoured ways to rest and rejuvenate but I would like to share my top 5, inexpensive ways for rest and relaxation.

Read a book for some rest and relaxation - A Touch of Class Florist1. Escapism

When was the last time you visited your local Library?  If you haven’t been since you were in school I would recommend a visit.  I know not everyone feels the same but I have always found libraries to be welcoming places.  These days many of our local libraries have become much more open and inclusive spaces as they seek to serve their communities.  They may not be as quiet as they used to be, however they still provide many comfortable and air-conditioned nooks for you to sit and read.  If you work in the city, why not take some time to wander the new Perth Library. If the library is not for you then check out a book and take it to your favourite place, to escape into a story about someone else for a couple of hours.  Books are a great way to slow down as they require the patience to let the story unfold as you read at your own pace.  They contain the potential to help us gain some perspective and inspiration for our own lives as we read about someone else’s situation in life, fiction or non-fiction. So our number one suggestion is to grab a book.

2. Bath TimeSalted Bliss Bath Salts in Rose and Ylang-Ylang - A Touch of Class Florist

Bath time is the best thing ever!  I remember as a kid that I thought I had many more important things to be doing than having a bath but as an adult it is an absolute luxury.  Take a few moments to make your bath time a special event.  If you don’t have a lock on your bathroom door make sure other household members are asked to leave you in peace if this is not possible perhaps place a chair against the door! ;) Use your favourite Bath salts (we use the bath salts by local Perth company Salted Bliss and they are lovely) to help your mind and muscles relax.  Playing music may give you something to focus your mind on other than your day.  Place a small towel where your neck will rest and if you really want to go for it scatter some flowers on the water.  If you do not have a bath then one way to make your shower a little bit luxe is to hang a bunch of eucalyptus from your shower head so that the steam becomes scented.  Even placing the eucalyptus stems in a sturdy vase somewhere safe in your bathroom may help create a calming environment and it looks pretty!

3. Write A ListWrite a list to help calm your mind - A Touch of Class Florist

Some nights you just have so much going on that it is difficult to stop your brain, even when you are trying to sleep.  I find the best way to deal with this is to write a list.  Writing things down with a pen and paper somehow seems to help.  I find I am better able to leave thinking about whatever is on my mind until the morning if I have formally acknowledged “it” in a list.  I keep a note pad and pen next to my bed for just such occasions.  See if it works for you!  If a list is not enough then perhaps try a more in depth journal to help calm your busy mind before you lay your head down.

A Relaxing Walk On A Perth Beach - A Touch of Class Florist4. Beach Walk

In Perth we are very lucky to live within driving distance of either a beach, a river or a local park.  Taking a walk or a run along one of our beautiful beaches is like taking a mini holiday for me. Something about the wind, waves and sand… If the beach is not your happy place then find a lovely park to stroll around amongst the trees.  In my humble opinion nature is vital to our health and well being so taking an hour here and there to enjoy it can make a big difference to our mental health.

5. Create Your Kind Of Calm

Everyone has a different idea of what creates a calm environment.  I hope that your home provides that place for you. There are many books and blogs about the importance of colour in your home, the way that a tidy house helps with a tidy mind, the calming nature of indoor plants, how to use Hygge” to create a comfortable space and the list goes on adding to our lists!  I think there are many benefits to all these ideas and when you have the time and the will to do so they are worth investigating.  In the mean time, I think, just do the best you can with the time you have to create a home that is your version of a happy place.  I went through a time when I painted a wall in a small apartment bright yellow, definitely not a great design choice but it made me very happy!  I also love to move my furniture around,  I enjoy the sense of newness that this brings to a familiar space, it refreshes how I see the items I have.  Currently I am obsessing over indoor plants and they do make me feel more relaxed but I have friends that just get stressed out by the idea of keeping them alive. So find your version of a calm space even if it is just in a corner of your bedroom and make a moment happen to simply sit and enjoy it.

All of us here at A Touch of Class Florist hope that you manage to find the moments or days (if you are lucky) within your busy schedules to relax and rejuvenate.  We know it is not always easy but we hope that these few suggestions inspire you to find your own ways. 

If you are looking for some pampering products to send to a friend or yourself then we have a selection of lovely items in our Bath and Body section we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We wish you health and happiness!