Table decorating has the power to transform an everyday, routine event, into a moment of luxury.

We have some great table decorating ideas, that won’t break the bank. In fact, there is no need for it to cost you anything, most of us have enough items somewhere in our cupboards to repurpose and use. There are so many ways to create a welcoming feeling and to let your family or guests know that you value them and their company. 

When it comes to table decorating, we believe it is all about taking a little bit of time and effort to make things different from the norm.  Covering your table with a table cloth (or sheet) instantly adds a little formality.  Use your “best” cutlery, we are firm believers that it is meant to be used and not stored away in a cupboard.  Pick some greenery from your garden or some flowers if you have them and get creative about displaying them!  Think about the lighting,  maybe you can use a floor lamp to create some atmosphere or tea-lights if there are no little one’s fingers that may get hurt.

Everyone has different traditions and routines at dinner time and that is a wonderful thing!  When I was growing up my Mother was adamant that we all ate dinner together. It was a way that she helped to keep us bonded as a family unit. To this day it is still one of the most common ways we all get together, over dinner at someone’s house.  Most evenings we just sat at a table with what was necessary but when we had guests over a tablecloth would be used and we would take a bit more time with the setting and I always enjoyed the atmosphere that these little touches created.

These days we try to enjoy creating beautiful tables any time of the year but with the festive season upon us it is the perfect excuse, if you need one to add a little whimsy to your day.  

Cute Outdoor Luncheon Table - A Touch of Class FloristWe had some fun dressing this cute table for you and we hope that it gives you some table decorating ideas and inspiration! We used only items found in our homes in the hopes that you may find similar items to use from home. 

Indoors or out?

We chose to do an outside day style table as it was such a lovely day!  We think this table style would be perfect for an afternoon luncheon at home with your family or with a slight change of crockery an afternoon tea with some friends. If preparing an outdoor event then take a moment to consider what is safe outdoors if it is windy otherwise go for it!

Place SettingsElegant Rustic Place Settings - A Touch of Class Florist

Layering crockery is a simple way to make things look a little bit fancy.  If you have matching plates and bowls this makes things easier, but if you have mismatched items then embrace them and make a feature of them.  You may tie them together with a colour theme if possible or pick up one of the main colours with napkins if you have them.  We were lucky to have a matching set so we used them. To help create an elegant rustic feel, we tied together a couple of ears of wheat with twine to place across the top.


We used this pretty glassware to add some colour to our table.  Using wine glasses always makes a table feel more elegant, even if you are only drinking water!  These days you can pick up stylish pieces that do not cost too much so make sure you use them and don’t stress about losing any to slippery fingers!

Table Centre PiecesElegant Rustic Table Centrepiece - A Touch of Class Florist

We foraged in our garden for this one (except for the wheat!).  We made a spray using different foliage and a few roses which we tied together with twine.  Then we scattered a few beautiful sea shells underneath to add some more colour and texture.  This spray is not in water so the roses will gradually wilt over the event, especially if it is a hot day.  If you need them to last a long time then we would suggest making jars of flowers so they have a water source.  But hopefully you get the idea of keeping some consistency with the styling and colours to make a coherent feel for your table.  If you can keep your colours and style consistent then it becomes easier to create some impact with fewer items.

Don’t Over Think It!

We recommend just getting started.  We know how precious time is these days so just begin to gather the items you have and start dressing your table.  You will see what works and what doesn’t as you go.  It doesn’t have to be perfect! Remember it is just about taking a little bit more time to welcome your family or friends to your table to share each others days and company!

We hope you have a safe a wonderful festive season and that you enjoy creating some luxury moments in your hectic schedules as much as we do.  If you are planning an event and you are pressed for time give us a call we would love to save you some time by making your table centres for you!  9256 2415.