If your friend or family member is either expecting a new baby or just had a new baby, you may want to give them a gift. Just something small to help them celebrate this new milestone in their lives. Some gifts may be more appropriate than others, and we’ll go over five of the most useful gifts for any new parent.

Taking Gifts into Perth Hospitals

Many different hospitals, whether it may be Woodside Maternity Hospital, Mount Hospital, or any other hospital around Perth, allow you to bring certain gifts in for new parents. It’s always a good idea to check with the staff beforehand just in case.

Baby Spa Voucher

Many babies love to play in the water. It acts as an instantaneous soothing agent, and a voucher to the Baby Spa in Perth could be the perfect gift for any new parents. This spa promotes bonding between a parent and their new baby, and it can help soothe any discomfort due to colic or tummy trouble. A voucher will allow the parents to take their baby to the spa at a time that is convenient for them.

Beer Basket or Wine

A beer basket is an excellent way to show any new dad that you care and you’re ready to celebrate with them. If mum isn’t nursing, a bottle of wine makes a thoughtful gift that they’ll happily use. Depending on the basket you choose, there may be a selection of savoury and sweet nibbles to go along with a wide selection of premium beer. The wine comes with a small succulent plant in a vintage pot. The selection of beers and wine will differ. Finally, there is the option of getting a basket with wine, a candle, chocolate, and a potted plant.

Fruit Basket

Who wouldn’t want a scrumptious fruit basket? If you’ve ever stayed in a hospital, or if you’ve had someone in the hospital, you know how good fresh fruit can be. Any new parents or a nursing mother will appreciate this high-quality wicker basket that is bursting with fresh, juicy, seasonal fruits. Even better, a lot of Perth hospitals won’t have a problem with a fruit basket in the maternity ward.

Nappy Cakes

A nappy cake is a fun and useful gift that any new parent would be happy to receive. The body of the cake is usually made up of Huggies diapers with cotton swaddling material for the cake’s ‘icing,’ and a soft plush toy on top. You can get a bath time-specific one as well with Johnson lotions, bath toys, face washers, and a cotton swaddle. They make great last minute gifts or baby shower gifts, and the new parents are almost guaranteed to use everything they find in these cakes.


Any new parent will eventually need teething toys or blankets to comfort their baby when they begin to get their teeth. They’ll want their baby to be as comfortable as possible, and you can accomplish this by giving the new parents teethers, You can chill the teething toy in the freezer for added comfort. They’ll give the baby something to help with their sore gums. A teething blanket features a soft animal head so baby can cuddle it during nap time.

Welcoming a new baby is a wonderful and exciting milestone in any parent’s life. As a friend or family member, you want to help them in any small ways you can. These five gifts are guaranteed to get used sooner or later, and the new parents will be appreciative of such a thoughtful gift. If you want additional gift ideas for the Perth area, contact us at A Touch of Class Florist. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect gift!