If you’ve ever been in a hospital or had a loved one in a hospital, you know what a stressful time this can be. A small flower arrangement can go a long way into making someone feel better, and it can also add a bright focal point to any room. This post will go over a few things you should keep in mind when you are thinking about sending flowers to someone in the hospital.

Check for Restrictions

Many hospitals, whether it may be Mount Hospital, Woodside Maternity Hospital, or any medical facility around Perth may have restrictions on allowing flowers. Today, many hospitals won’t allow flower arrangements inside the patient’s rooms for allergy issues or problems with keeping the environment sterile.

If your loved one is in ICU, you can almost guarantee that flowers won’t be allowed in. Therefore, it is always best to call ahead and ask if there are any restrictions you should be aware of. If you still have questions, you can contact A Touch of Class Florist, and our skilled staff can help answer any questions you may have.

Flower Arrangement Considerations

Once you’ve got the go ahead from the hospital to send a bouquet of flowers, there are several other small things you should consider. If you’re unsure of making the arrangement yourself, you can ask your florist what they suggest and have them design an arrangement. You can also give them the colours you want to use, and they’ll put something together for you. Plus it’s also worth considering:

  • Make sure your flowers aren’t incredibly fragrant because this can be overwhelming to both the staff and the patients
  • You will have limited room, so a smaller arrangement is usually the best choice
  • Think about the hospital environment and which flowers will survive the best there
  • Floral arrangements in small vases or bowls are a good idea, so no one will have to worry about finding a vase once your bouquet arrives at the hospital

Floral Arrangement Colours, Styles, and Vases

There are dozens of different styles of flower arrangements you can send to many Perth hospitals. A small bouquet in a cylinder, fishbowl, or vase can fit into virtually any hospital room with ease.

There are small, bright, and low fragrance flower options available which can all convey a variety of emotions and well wishes with your floral arrangement. Not to mention the many style choices to consider as well.

Here are a few of our favourite tips to consider:

  • A linear arrangement is meant to be viewed from the front only, with the back of the arrangement to a wall
  • A mass arrangement is when the flowers stand tall out of the centre of the vase and spill lightly over the sides for a cascade of flowers.
  • Pavé style is where the flowers are placed close together in the arrangement with a very little white space showing between the blooms. The flower’s stems are cut, so you don’t see them, and the flower appears to be sitting on the lip of the vase or bowl

Alternative Hospital Gift Ideas

If the hospital doesn’t allow floral arrangements, or you simply want to send something different you can try a host of alternative gift ideas. From gorgeous boutique candles like the range from Bear + Finn Candles, to bright and cheery balloons and even gourmet gift baskets & hampers will all help to brighten someone’s day who may be feeling a bit under the weather.

If your loved one is in the hospital in the Perth area and you need advice on a beautiful floral arrangement or alternative gift, give our friendly and professional staff at A Touch of Class Florist a call or pop us an email, and we’ll arrange something your loved one will cherish.