You have already found your significant other, now comes the fun part — wedding planning! While wedding planning can be incredibly fun, it can also get a little stressful with all of the little details that must be accounted for.

Once you have your theme and colours picked out, one of the most important next steps is creating your idea of the perfect wedding flowers. The floral aspect of your wedding will help set the tone and support your selected theme.

There are many different flowers and colours to choose from, so there are a few things to consider when choosing your perfect wedding flowers.

How to choose the perfect wedding flowers:

Consider how the flowers will photograph at your wedding

While the flowers might look beautiful in person, the camera always has a slightly different outlook on things. Try looking for professional wedding photos that have used the flower you are considering. If possible, see if your photographer has previously photographed that specific flower. They might be able to give you an idea of what they will look like in photos.

Consider what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding

Choosing flowers that are in season will benefit you in a couple of ways. First, flowers will look the most immaculate when they are in season. Therefore, by choosing flowers that are in season, you are almost guaranteed that they will look the best that they possibly can.

Secondly, choosing flowers that are in season will save you money. Products and goods are more expensive when they are not in season because they are harder to grow and harder to find. Unless your budget is limitless, then you are probably looking for ways to save money anyways — this is a great way to do that!

Choose your florist carefully

Choosing your florist carefully is just as important as the selection of your other wedding vendors. Your florist will play a main role in designing the look of your wedding, especially if you are going with mostly floral centrepieces.

Make sure to select someone who has experience in the wedding industry. Preparing floral for a wedding is not the same as sticking a few roses in a vase to give someone for Valentine’s Day. Crafting floral pieces for a wedding is an art and should be taken seriously. It is also important to choose a florist who is very familiar with the type of flower that you are looking to use.

Focus on your bridal bouquet

In almost all of your pictures, your bouquet will be featured. Remember, you will be carrying it as you walk down the aisle to meet your soon-to-be spouse! This will be one of the major highlights of your wedding and it should look as beautiful as you do.

Select flowers that will not only complement your visions for your wedding and your theme but also that will complement your dress. You want the flowers to pop, but not overpower you.

Once the bridal bouquet is sorted you can then organise boutonnieres, flower crowns and other necessary floral accessories for your wedding.

Discuss colours with your florist

Something that brides all too often don’t consider is that flowers will not take to colour exactly as that colour appears on something else.

Your florist should have a general knowledge of how each flower will accept a colour and the variation that will take place. Be sure to discuss with your florist up front what your expectations are. Bring samples to show them so there is no confusion or disappointment on the day of the wedding.

What is your next step?

Now, it is time to pick a florist. If you are getting married soon and are looking for exceptional service from a florist who has experience in weddings, please feel free to contact us. With over 30 years’ joint experience in floristry, we’ve got you covered.