There is nothing that complements a nice crisp day than vivid, vibrant pops of colour from fresh flowers. They channel the serene majesty of the winter sun and keep spirits bright on wet, rainy days. Here are a few of our favourites – blooms we think personify winter in Perth.


You don’t have to tiptoe through these regal flowers, which come in almost every conceivable colour in the rainbow. With more than 6,000 varieties of tulip in all sorts of shapes and sizes, tulips bring magic to any setting.

Why are they perfect for winter?

The resilience of tulips is inspiring to some. They are long lasting flowers, and with so many colours to choose from, your inner interior decorator will love all the possibilities.

You could display tulips in one of the secondary colours of the room or home, or showcase them as a striking contrast. Since they also grow towards the dominant life source, you could take advantage of this tendency and create an intriguing visual feature.

The Best way to display them:

Instead of overloading the senses (unless that is the look you want), think about picking tulips of just one colour. You can display them in a glass vase with minimal greenery to highlight their simple and understated elegance. They can last for weeks if you change the water regularly, though you might need to re-cut their stems if they get too wild.

For general flower care tips, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


Also known as Matthiola and so sweetly scented that Italian botanist Pierandrea Mattioli (after whom the genus is named) only grew them for “matters of love and lust”. From shy white or pink to electric purple, stocks are a cluster of joy on branching stems.

Why are they perfect for winter?

Whether you go with pastel shades or the more vibrant hues, stocks bring a dainty grace and a refreshing and alluring fragrance to your home to create a space of serenity during the cooler winter days. It’s no wonder stocks are traditional favourites in this part of the world.

The Best way to display them:

Medium/tall vases complement their height, giving the arrangement an interesting architecture. They also look fantastic in a vintage ceramic vase that accentuates their shapely petals and classical style.

We recommend minimal to no greenery to keep the composition simple. Choose your favourite colour or mix similar tones to create a harmonious, wonderfully scented centrepiece.

Ornamental Kale and Irish Bells

Your guests will not be able to take your eyes off the provocative masterpiece you create with these exotic and exceptional blooms. They convey mystery and a downplayed sass and create a captivating aura in your home.

Why are they perfect for winter?

With their intriguing colour combination and alien flower garden vibe, they are a perfect foil to drearier days. They remind us that the best things in life are perhaps unexpected.

Ornamental kale comes in beguiling purple tones, or crisp green and cream. Put together with impressive Irish Bells, you have a thoughtful, modern twist on “country fresh.”

The Best way to display them:

Ornamental kale is fairly large in size, so you only need one or two to make the best impact. They look best in a ceramic vase because you want to showcase their leafy loveliness.

For a clean, modern art look, keep the kale low in the vase, group the Irish Bells to one side, and add a touch of foliage from your garden. Change the water frequently; looking this good is thirsty work.


There are so many different varieties of foliage, you will easily find some to suit just about any décor. There have been times when the foliage has stolen the show from the flowers. The key is to pick types that visually “make sense” with the flowers at the centre of your arrangement.

Why are they perfect for winter?

Foliage can be very long-lasting and require minimal upkeep. Greenery helps to create a peaceful, nurturing vibe and brings a sense of the outdoors to the inside. This can elevate moods when it is too wet to go outside. They are exceptional for adding texture, and there are plenty of ornamental foliage if you want more colour (see above).

The best way to display them:

You can almost do no wrong. Pick a vase – perhaps your favourite, and decide where to display it. Choose foliage that complements or contrasts with your home. The options are endless.

Tropical leaves add a striking, minimalist look, and you may only need a few leaves. Native gums in silver tones can be worked into a textural feature with a fresh fragrance. Stick with one type or let your creativity run wild. You can always add a fresh bloom or two later if you want to change it up.

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Unleash Your Inner Floral Artist

Ultimately, it is your personality and the décor of your home that dictate what blooms you choose. Remember, flower arranging is all about letting your own individual creativity loose. If you’d like some inspiration or would like us to create a masterful winter bloom centerpiece for you, then we’d love to hear from you!