Happy Valentine's Day 2019 - A Touch of Class FloristTo Valentine or not to Valentine…?

In this age of the consumer driven economy, it can be difficult to find the love in this yearly event; Valentine’s Day.  As florists it is one of our busiest times of the year, with Valentine’s Day flower delivery throughout Perth.  Even though it’s a busy time, we still, even after all these years, get blown away by some of the messages of genuine love and affection you guys write to go with the flowers we create.  We put our hearts and souls into creating beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangements and when we get to pair them with beautiful messages it makes all the hard work worth while.

We always hope that our Valentine’s Day flowers bring joy to those who receive them but we know the messages which go with them make a huge impact on the people you send them to.  Even if you like to keep things anonymous you can still make your Valentine smile!  Write from the heart with sincerity or with a touch of warm-hearted humour and it is sure to make their day.

Valentine’s Day Floral Fashions

For My Heart Red Rose Bouquet, 2 dozen of the best red roses - A Touch of Class FloristFloral fashions may come and go but red roses will always be one of the most traditional flowers to send. Red roses are often thought of as a bloom of passion and romantic love and if they are what makes your Valentine smile the most then they are what you must send!  However, keep in mind that there are many other combinations of flowers that can say I love you with just as much class.  We love it when couples have little traditions of their own, perhaps a partners favourite flower if it is in season or a beautiful arrangement created by the florist made up of their favourite colour where possible!  Or if a flower has special memories attached to it relating to your relationship (perhaps they proposed with a daisy – so cute!) then these may be a wonderful option.

Flower Care On Valentine’s Day

As Florists we love flowers and care about how they are presented to you.  We do the best we can to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as planned.  Due to the number of orders all needing to go out on the same day this is not as easy as usual!  So we recommend that you make a few checks once you receive your gifts:

  1. Top up or change the water if needed! (Summer time makes for thirsty drinkers).
  2. If possible re-cut the stems by 1-2 cm to make sure they can still take up the water.
  3. Keep your flowers in as cool a place as you can, away from direct sunlight if possible.
  4. Display your flowers well away from fresh fruit.

Remember that flowers are a natural product and whilst we only buy the best blooms we can sometimes find they just aren’t happy campers!  Valentine’s Day flowers may not last as long as they normally would due to the production volume required and the hot Perth summer. Treat your florist kindly and they will always endeavour to assist you with any queries or problems.

Our Top Recommendations for Valentine’s Day 2019

A Luxury bath time hamper with all the items you need for a truly relaxing experience including some beautiful flowers to soak with1. Luxury Bath Time Hamper – A whole experience in one gift! With a selection of WA handmade gifts, including bath and body products and a candle, plus some wine and fresh flowers, what’s not to love?! Several options available on our site.

2. If it’s the “WOW” factor you are looking for, look no further than our gorgeous selections of fresh flower vases. There are lots to choose from on our site, to suit your budget and style. These really allow us to flex our floristry muscles and deliver you something beautifully arranged and ready to just place in your home where it can be admired.Large Vase Arrangement in Vibrant Tones - A Touch of Class Florist Functions

3.Florist Choice” all the way! To truly make the most of your budget and get the best possible, you simply cannot beat a florist choice arrangement or bouquet. By allowing us to select for you, we will always choose the loveliest of the available selection.. after all it’s what we are trained in! There are lots of colour themes available on the site, so just select whether you want bright, pastel or a particular colour such as pink, yellow or white and leave the rest to us!A Touch of Class Florist - Fresh Flowers

4. If it really must be roses, then make them mixed! With so many gorgeous varieties available why limit yourselves to just the reds? A mixed vase can be visually stunning, with carefully selected colour blends and a variety of foliage. Some of our rosesfavourite vases are the ones with the unlikely colour combinations that just work beautifully!

Don’t miss the cut off!!

With so much love to deliver in such a limited time it is super important to get in quick! The earlier the better! We always post up our order deadlines on our site in plenty of time so that we can accommodate as many orders as possible but there has to be an end time so that we can send them off with our couriers for delivery! We are even now starting to receive orders for the big day so feel free to place your order at anytime now.

Please be aware that no timed deliveries are accepted for peak times and ensure that all the delivery details are correct and include names, addresses and most importantly phone numbers!! (see our delivery page for further details).

We wish you all the best in your romantic adventures whether you are a hopeful enquirer or a long-term partner!