There’s no doubt about it, terrariums are the new ‘in’ piece of décor to have on your office desk or as an eye-catching conversation piece in your home. In 2015 they’ve been dubbed as hipster. In the 1970s they were a mini-land of dreams and imaginations during the groovy era of gardens under glass. If you’re a 70s kid, then you may just remember where we’re going with that throwback.

What is a terrarium?

{tuh-rair-ee-uhm} a glass enclosure or enclosed container in which selected plants grow in & be displayed.

A terrarium is a living self-contained ecosystem typically encased in a glass bowl, bottle or jar. They are designed for keeping in a well-lit area inside and are for both green-thumbs and plant-novices alike. They have quirk, attitude and can brighten up the dullest day. Just imagine, sitting at your desk at 3pm on Monday dreaming about the little world inside the glass. Terrariums are a great escapism from paper-work!

Where can I buy a terrarium in Perth?
Here at A Touch Of Class Florist we create professionally made and undoubtedly gorgeous terrariums ready for you to take home or have delivered straight away. Our terrarium range is made by our lovely staff member Gabbi and her partner. They start from a mere $20.

Can I make a terrarium?

You most definitely can, Better Homes & Garden have a great guide on how to build a terrarium and you can lose yourself in terrarium design ideas on Pinterest. Emma, our Store Manager says:

‘The key to a well-built terrarium is making sure you have sufficient layers of soil and rock in the container to sustain the plants”

How do I look after my terrarium?

This is exactly why terrariums make the ultimate gift, for someone else or yourself! They are trendy and are fairly easy to maintain. Our basic guidelines are:

  • Don’t over water, terrariums love a moist and humid environment
  • De-mineralised or rain water is best as tap water can contain salts that will build up in the terrarium and cause damage
  • Place your terrarium somewhere with bright light but not in direct sunlight (you don’t want to cook the plants!)
  • Artificial light of a 100W globe or fluorescent light for at least 12 hours a day can suffice if you don’t have natural light
  • If your terrarium has a lid and you notice too much condensation, open the lid until it clears up and then close it again
  • Quarter turn the terrarium monthly if your light source is not directly overhead as the plants typically like to grow towards the light
  • Typically succulents require more light than leafy plants do
  • Do not use fertilizer in your terrarium, this will damage the plants
  • Remove any dead or diseased parts of the plants when necessary and also prune the plants if they start to outgrow their container
  • It is also good to open a lidded terrarium once a month for a day to give it fresh air and air out

“The biggest mistake people tend to make when looking after terrariums is overwatering. Sometimes too much water can be worse than too little water. The key is to understand your terrariums drying patterns. Using an eye dropper or turkey baster is an easy and controllable way to water your terrarium.” – Emma

For more information on the terrariums and living arrangements we have available, or if you have any questions regarding looking after your terrarium, contact our friendly florists today.