As summer approaches, the warm weather is bringing people outdoors. It’s the perfect time of year to host a garden party. Once you have sent out the invitations, planned the menu and chosen a location and theme, it is time to choose the perfect flowers.

a rustic dining table layed for a party in a green garden with white bunting strung in the treesa rustic wooden dining table layed for a party with jars of flowers down the centre


Select the Right Kind of Flowers for Your Party

Depending on the theme of your garden party and the colours you have chosen, a variety of flowers may be appropriate. Flowers that are in season are more likely to be healthy and affordable.

Consider the theme of your garden party.

Are you aiming for a chic, sophisticated gathering? Shorter flowers with larger, more filling buds will give off a more elegant feeling. For a seated garden party with served meals or a seating chart, keep your centrepieces short. Keep in mind that centrepieces that are too tall can block views and hinder conversations across the table. Flowers with large blooms, like lilies, peonies, roses and lisianthus are more filling. Balance large flowers with contrasting colours of smaller buds or flowered cabbage.

Will your garden party be more casual with a country, outdoor feel? Taller flowers, a mixture of small and large buds filled in with greenery as part of a less structured display add to the easy going vibe. For a more casual garden party, using taller floral displays may be appropriate. Display them on a buffet table or standing on small end tables.

an elegant long wooden table layed for a formal event with pink and white floral arrangements down the centre. a jug of garden flowers in pretty and feminine colours.


Consider the Colour & Texture of Your Garden Party Flowers

The flowers you choose should match the rest of your decor in both mood and colour. More subtle colouring in your decor leaves room for a pop of colour in your flowers, whether you’re going for elegant or casual.

a close up of a table centre. a linen table runner is covered by bright vases of colourful flowers. an indoor dining room with wooden chairs and bright vases of flowers.


For a dramatic bouquet, try selecting darker, more vibrant coloured flowers in similar hues. For a simpler look, opt for white or pale coloured flowers.

It is not necessary to use many types of flowers to create an eye catching display. Instead, choose one or two flowers in many colours. It also allows you to keep a uniform style even if you’re using different colours in different areas.

If you do choose to use a variety of flowers and textures, a monochromatic colour scheme can pull your decor together. Try selecting one colour in various shades, or pairing one colour with white.

a florist arranging pink flowers into a formal arrangement.a formal dining setting with pink flowers and gold touches.


Choose Flowers with Subtle Scents

Even though a garden party is outside, your flowers are likely to be close to people and their food and drinks. Flowers with strong scents can be overpowering especially when combined with perfume and cologne. The smell of the flowers can clash with the food. Intense florals can exacerbate allergies, especially when placed near food or a dining table.

Choose Healthy Flowers

On top of purchasing flowers that are in season, make sure they are in good condition when you take them home. Flowers should be one of your final purchases. Bring them home no sooner than the day before the party.

Flowers with unopened buds will look best the next day. To keep your flowers fresh, cut them at an angle with sharp scissors as soon as you get home, and keep them in a vase with warm water. Trim leaves that fall below the water line, and trim the stems at an angle again as you’re placing them in displays.

close up image of crisp white flowers in blue tinged glass vases. a pair of old garden scissors and two stems of pink carnations lying on a wooden table.


Choose Appropriate Flowers for Your Display

Before deciding which flowers to buy, consider how you intend to display them. Short centrepieces, taller table decorations, wreaths and floating buds are common at garden parties.

To create a structured centrepiece, table decoration or wreath, use floral foam to hold your flowers in place. Placing larger buds like roses or peonies close together in a short, wide container creates an elegant, sophisticated centrepiece. Placing larger buds, like roses or peonies, close together on a shorter, wider display will create a more elegant and sophisticated centrepiece.

mason jars of yellow and orange flowers hanging above a table from yellow ribbon. a close up of small vases containing stems of peonies and roses in pink and peach.


A more casual display might be of a Mason jar or pitcher filled with wildflowers and greens. When displaying flowers in a vase or upright container, the flowers should be about one and a half times the height of the vase. Display small centrepieces in short containers. Near a buffet, use taller vases to keep the flowers away from the food.

Floating buds in a dish or fountain can make a beautiful display. Remember to use large buds with little or no stem attached.

a cluster of 3 vintage containers containing david austin roses against a rustic backdropa soft and pretty table setting with candlelight casting a warm glow over the pink and white flowers.

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