Fairy Lights Planning an event can be both fun and stressful!  Whether you’re planning something large or cosy it is often the attention paid to the little things that can help create an awesome event.  Everyone is unique and has their own way of celebrating and this is something to be both cherished and enjoyed.

Event tableHere at A Touch of Class Florist, we love all things full of beauty and whimsy when event planning.  Fairy lights, floral accents, pretty drinks and cosy corners make us very happy.  We also love to bust a crazy move or two on the dance floor every now and then!  Between us we have spent considerable time over the years assisting the people of Perth with their floral decorations and we never get tired of seeing how flowers can transform a space.  We love the way they can give a sense of occasion to any event and the way they help to show visually the love and care the host has taken for their guest’s enjoyment.

There may be times when you are fortunate to be able to go all out with your decorations and whilst we love those times they are not necessarily what makes the party!  The love and care you show your guest with simple little things and their joy in sharing the moment together with you will always be more important. That being said almost everyone takes delight in the quirky little touches used to style up an event. We have collected a few event planning ideas for you here that may be hand-made and don’t have to break the bank.  We feel they will help you to create a stylish and welcoming event for your friends and loved ones.

Monstera Leaf Placemat SettingInclude Natural Elements

Nature is almost always the best dressed!  Including some small natural elements to your table is an easy and cost-effective way to decorate. Create a stylish table setting using large flat leaves as placemats.  Monstera leaves may be found in the ideal size and shape for this.  Keep them in water until a few hours before your guests arrive and then chop the stems off at the leaf.  Make  sure you have prewashed them to remove any dirt.  In cooler climates they should last for hours out of water in warmer climates such as ours here in Perth they should still last the time required. Monstera leaves have a beautiful deep green colour and a clean shape that may be easily combined with almost any colour you desire.

Personal Name Tags

When planning your event, consider Name Tags, which can give guests a sense of place and welcome to a table. A Beautiful way to create your own is by using silver or perhaps gold marker pens to write your guest’s name on a Magnolia, gum or oak leaf.  You may be lucky enough to have some of these in your own garden! Experiment with what you can find, mixing and matching can look great too.  Use twine to attach the leaf to the cutlery or table napkin and tie it off with a bow.

Guest Books

Guest books are a wonderful way to keep the memory alive. We found this fun idea whilst browsing on Pinterest and can’t wait to try it out for ourselves.  Perhaps better suited to a small or medium sized event with 15-30 people, why not create a giant crossword puzzle with clues that apply to each guest.  As they fill out their names for the answers they get to discover a little about their fellow guests as well as feeling the love from you!  At the end you can frame up the crossword and have a lifelong memory your friends and the event.

Mini Succulent gift potThank You Gifts

A little thanks goes a long way! Giving small plants as a momento can be a great way to remind guests of a lovely day had and to thank them for being a part of it.  Succulents have been a popular choice of late, but you could mix it up a little with spicy chilli plants or herbs.  Another token along similar lines is to hand out tiny seed packets.  Your guests may plant these out at home for a lasting memory.  To keep it personal use seeds native to your area or from blooms that you have used at your event.

There are so many places now to find inspiration, don’t be scared to be a little wacky!  After all, even if it doesn’t quite go to plan, at least it will be a talking point! For inspiration, check out our list of Perth Lifestyle Bloggers to followFor any further help with your events big or small, give us a call or email us here at atouchofclassfloristperth@gmail.com we are happy to help!