You know it, we know it, everyone knows it – online shopping is an absolute revolution. You can now do everything from the comfort of your couch with a glass of wine in hand as you laze about in your trackies or pyjamas. If you feel like purchasing flowers at 3am, well why not as the internet never closes.

There is suddenly no need to have to deal with gridlock traffic and pay an outrageous price for parking. You don’t have to go to 10 stores to find what you’re looking for, as when you’re shopping online you can use that handy little search box. Plus you’ll never lose a receipt again! There is no doubt about it, the pros to online shopping are through the roof.

When it comes to buying a beautiful bouquets of flowers or intricate flower arrangement online, it can sometimes be tricky to find just what you’re looking for and to make sure it’s going to arrive on time and be cost-effective too.

To make your next flower delivery in Perth easier, we have put together 5 essential tips on how to order flowers online efficiently and effectively.

1. Check the flower delivery information first

It’s easy to do; you get caught up browsing through pages and pages of flowers until FINALLY you decide on the perfect gift, you add it to your cart, fill in all your details and the gift message and then you find out that they can’t be delivered until after that important birth or anniversary date. An entire hour wasted!

Therefore to help save you time and heartache, make sure you check the flower delivery information page first and foremost. Most top florists in Perth and worldwide will have the essential delivery information on their homepage or clearly have a dedicated webpage. Knowing the ins and outs of how and when your flowers will be delivered from the get-go is a major time-saver.

2. Look for real flower images not stock images

It’s easy enough for an online florist to only put up stock images. However if they’re going to the effort to pop up original pictures, then you’re on to a winner!

If a florist is putting up photos of actual real bouquets and arrangements they have put together on their website and across social media on a weekly basis then you can be sure that the florist’s working for the business are top quality. If a florist is posting their latest creations for the world to see, it’s safe to say they’re proud of their work and have the creative ability to make your next blooms perfect for delivery to your loved one.

3. Locally owned and managed florist

Does the online florist website you’re looking at have personality? Are there real qualified people looking after your flower purchases? If you struggle to find out about who looks after a specific Perth florist, it’s safe to say it’s a big corporate bigwig that’s after all that cash in your pocket. Make sure they really do exist, if they have a local address and phone number then it’s a good start!

Look for online flower delivery websites which introduce you to the team of florists who will be putting together your order. This will have grand advantages as the team will be well-educated on the local flower scene and if you want to customise or change part of your order, it’s highly likely more doable. Knowing you’re dealing with real people, and not robots can dull any uneasiness you have with buying things online.

4. Use the flower categories to help the decision-making process

Any good online florist will have categories on their website. This makes it much easier for you to find what you’re looking for quicker. Our top advice to you, would be use categories like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day all year round! The bouquets, arrangements and gifts in these categories have been chosen as they are perfect for women, whether it’s ‘I hope you’re feeling better flowers’ or ‘I love you so much it hurts flowers’.

If we can help lead you in the right direction of the romantic flowers (aka Valentine’s Day flowers) for your wedding anniversary then we are making your life a whole lot easier. Online shopping should be effortless and pain-free after all.

Don’t be scared to use the search box either or to send a quick email to the florist if you’re after something particular. If they’re a local independent florist, they’ll no doubt be able to hunt down that special flower you’ve been search for.

5. Check the reviews and testimonials

Word of mouth is the most important type of marketing for any business and with the online world buzzing with activity it now means a lot of people turn to the internet to voice their opinions. This can have a good and bad effect on a brand or company.

If a florist in Perth is good, there’s going to be people taking about them. Check their website for a review section, look on their Facebook page or why not check out one of the local review websites. You’ll be able to quickly see if people love or hate a brand.